Brüggemann / Brüghmann

This genus Family name occurs in many variants: Brugman, Brügman, Brüghmann, Brugkmann, Bruchmann, Brückmann, Bruchemaker, Brugemaker, etc.

A Danish/Norwegian family Brüggemann is descended from Johann Bruch, Danish colonel on horseback. DNA test shows that he has descended from Scandinavia (Vikings). I do not know who his ancestors are, but there is a large family Bruch from Oberhundem in Germany, see in my database Johan (zu Bruch) von Bruch born 1395. 
A Clas (Klaus) Bruch from Strasbourg, was tortured and persecuted because of his faith. He may have fled further north in Germany.
Some claim that he died 1618 in Nahe (in Segeberg), but I have not found a primary source that it is Nahe in Segeberg.

I am descended from Johan Friedrich Brüghmann, assessor at the Holstein Collegio.
His son Hieronimus Brüghmann born 1599 in Holstein, Germany, died 1659 in Trondheim, Norway. He was Councilor and merchant in Trodheim, married to Anna Alexandersdatter Sampson 1610-1646.
Ermegaard Hieronimusdatter Brüghmann born about 1630 died 1679.

From a record in a family bible (the beginning is written by Ulrich Brüghmann, born 1636 and died 1717 in Norway) «My blessed grandfather Johan Friedrich Brüghmann Assessor in the Holstein Collegio, living in Leyerberch (Segeberg?) In Holstein».
(Several of the descendants of Colonel Johann Bruch lived in Segeberg.)

My Johan Friedrich Brüghmann is not descended from Colonel Johann Bruch. But he may be descended from one of Johann Buch's relatives or one of the many Brüggemann in Germany:
Gabriel (Brugkmann) Brügmann mentioned 1568-1580, "Rentemester" for Duke Ulrich.
Iohannes Bruggemann (Brückmann) from Hamburg, registered 1492 Rostock University.
Iohannes Bruggemann (Brückmann) from Lübeck registered 1465/66 Rostock University. 
Possibly related to:
Friederich (Brügemann / Bruchman / Pruckemann) Brückmann, b 1562 Frankfurt (der Oder), studied law in Wittenberg 1584, Chancellor 1616-1630.
Otto Brügmann 1600-1640 Grand merchant and councilor in Hamburg son of Otto Brügmann, sea captain and merchant in Hamburg 1629.
Johann Friedrich Bruchmann born 1652 in Wesenberg (between Rostock and Berlin).

Thiele (von der Brügge / Brücke) Brüggemann, born 1600 in Rottmersleben, the ancestors are said to have taken the name Brücke because they lived by a bridge, it was later changed to Brüggemann. They were mostly poor farmers and unlikely related to assessor Johan Friedrich Brüghmann.
Danish Nobility Yearbook: "BRÜGMANN This family is said to be descended from a French noble family "du Pont", whose ancestor for his brave defense of a passport with six bridges was ennobled…". 
Could it be that the yearbook means this genus: Ludwig (de Ponte) von der Brücke was 1138 Borggreve and Ministerial in Trier (on the border with France), see my database. The castle of the genus "von der Brücke" (de Ponte in French) was an ancient Roman building at the monastery of St. Barbara close to one of the four Roman bridges over Trier (probably part of the largest bridge). Some of the descendants went via France to Switzerland. They changed their name to Brücker , and later to Brügger. Some other families also went from here to Switzerland, this is well known  by both genealogists and linguists. It is possible that others of the genus "von der Brücke" went north and were called Brückmann, Brüggmann…. ?
Brüggemann / Brüghmann

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