Werminghaus, Werminghausen. Werminckhausen, Worminckhusen ……

The origin of this house  dates back to the 13th century, when the Iserlohn district of Wermingsen was the ancestral seat of the noble lords of  Werminghaus(en).
1340 Teodericus von Werminchusen, Knappe, becomes a guarantor for Count Engelbert von Marck.  His 4 children are mentioned the same year: Evert, Carda, Cuna and Grete.
Evert, as a reward for his faithful service in the battle with Count Engelbert, is said to have been given the Klusenstein frontier fortress as “Lehn”. Since no “Belehnungen” from Klusenstein are noted later, the castle must have passed into the possession of the family – in whatever way. The Wermings knight dynasty sat as castle men and later as lords of the castle.
Jobst von Werminghausen, Herr of Clusenstein, died 1629. His daughter Anna Maria married Edmund von Reuschenberg. Anna Maria inherited Clusenstin wich then passed to Reuschenberg, after being Werminghausen property for more than 200 years.
Evert von Werminghausen, also Worminckhusen, was Compthur of Pärnu and Reval (Tallin) in 1499-1516.
Johann Henrich Worminghausen born ca 1685 in Menninghüffen.

One of my ancestors is Reinert Wormenkhußen, took “gesell” exam 1674 in Bergen, Norway. In a letter from 1677, which Reinert personally signed, he calls himself: Reinert Wormenkhußen.
But the surname was difficult for Norwegians, and he and his descendants were called Wormhusen, Wormhus …His father was Johann Wormenkhußen, a knife blacksmith in Bremen.
Possibly identical to Johan Wörnichhusen (Worminghusen), citizen in Altstadt Bremen, who vouched for the immigrant (Weißbäcker) Hinrich Ostermeyer from the Minden monastery on March 12, 1638 at the granting of citizenship. – Johan himself had become a citizen (in Bremen) the year before and is referred to as «Schnider» in the hiring list for the Liebfrauenkirchspiel in 1645. Born in Herntrop (?)
On December 14th 1637 one Johan Worninckhaußen a native of Heruordt (Herford? u=v=f) was naturilized in Bremen.
Herford is located between Wermingsen and Bremen.

Werminghaus, Werminghausen. Werminckhausen, Worminckhusen ……

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