Our Family History

Genealogist: Arnulf Strømsnes

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Left: Mathilde traveling in one of J. D. Rockefeller\'s cars in the United States about 1930.
Right: Anton about 1932 in the first car he drove, Mathilde stands front and center.

Welcome to our genealogy pages. We hope and believe that many people will find something of interest here. Some material is blocked due to privacy, logged-in users have access to almost everything
We have found ancestors far back for father and mother. They descended from all parts of society, some poor other rich and famous. Noble families are mentioned in \"Dansk Adels Aarbog\", other books and by genealogists, but we have found something new.
We\'ve included related individuals to get an overall picture of the families, it also makes it easier to see relationships and finding difficult branches.
With genealogy research new information and corrections apears often, so use all data at your own risk and check yourself in the sources if possible.
Some persons are insecure and they should be labeled as unsafe. They are included because we want to find out more about them.
Errors in the database can occur. We are grateful for corrections and comments.