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Bernardus de Molendino


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  • Navn Bernardus de Molendino 
    Kjønn Mann 
    • 1441
      Elianor, widow of Petrus Johannis de Altariba, knight, of the parish of St. Martinus de Rivo Pirorum in the diocese of Vic, and her son Bernardus Guillermus de Altariba, heir to tithes in Muntbru and St. Eugenia, release Gabriel ça Lom, physician of Vic, and Salvator de Molendino of Vic (heirs of Bernardus de Molendino and of his son Bernardus) from all feudal obligations associated with the tithes of Muntbru and St. Eugenia. Elianor and her son cede to Raymundus Andrea de Sala, draper of Vic (who had purchased tithe rights in the parishes of St. Petrus de Roda and St. Michael dela Guardia from Salvator de Molendino in 1437) the use of a war horse [bestia hostis] for a fifteen-day period and all other rights associated with the tithes he had purchased. Elianor and Bernardus Guillermus acknowledge the receipt of ten librae (Barcelona de terno) and promise to defend the purchasers' rights should any dispute arise concerning the validity of the sale. Dated 17 February 1441.
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