Arnhem / Arnheim / Arnim / Arnimb

The origin of Arnhem/Arnim is unclear. But we have one Eridagus de Arnem, who under Heinrich the Vogelsäger took part in the war of the Germans against the Slavs, and who was captured in 988 by the Danes during a battle in Hadeln, but Benno managed to free him. The oldest and the most credible information from old «Urkunden» of a family of this name in the Netherlands, tell us that Zacharias and Jacob von Arnhem in 1190 were witnesses in a letter of confirmation of the privileges that Otto II, the fifth earl of Geldern, gave the city of Zutphen. Later many Arnhem have been found in the Netherlands. Arnhem is a city in the in the Dutch part of Gelderland.Hermann von Arnhem is probably the (illegitimate?) son of Count Gottfried van Arnsberg (1185-1235), and van Rietberg, Hermann was Herr von Arnhem by Petzen (between Minden und Bückeburg). The ancestors of Count Gottfried van Arnsberg can be traced far back.
Arend is a Dutch word for eagle, Arnhem and Arnsberg have an eagle in the coat of arms.

1204 Alardus de Arnhem was “Burgmann“ in Arneburg in the district Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Arnim is a place between Arneburg and Stendal. The family name is written in different ways: Arnim, Arnimb, Arnhem, Arnheim …. But they do not have an eagle in the coat of arms.

We are descending from Matthias Arnheim (Arnimb) who, together with his son Cornelius, fled from Geldern to Schwerin because of their religion.
Cornelius and his 2. wife Catharina Frosten are parents of Elias Arnimb (d 1605), Elias Arnimb was Bürgermeister in Rostock.
Elias Arnimb married Margareta Schröder (d 1610). they are parents of Sophia (Arnim) Arnimb 1599-1650. Sophia married Peter Tuchs, he was Stadtgerichtsprokurator in Greifswald.
Peter Tuchs and Sophia are parents of Elias Peter (Tuchs) Tuchsen, Elias Peter b1631 in Greifswald, d 1693 in Kolobrzeg (Kolberg), Polen.
Elias Peter (Tuchs) Tuchsen’s first wife was Ursula Scherping b 1633 d 1663, they are parents of Johan Friedrich (Tuchs) Tuchsen, b 1630 i Kolobrzeg (Polen) d 1730 i Bergen, He was Commander of Bergenhus Fortress 1712-1730.

Arnhem / Arnheim / Arnim / Arnimb

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